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New Fire Engine

For over six years years, members of the Long Valley Volunteer Fire Department have been working towards obtaining a newer, Wildland Fire Truck from the US Forest Service and CalFire.  We have been working with the administrators of the "Federal Excess Property Program" (FEPP) in an attempt to obtain a newer, Type-3 Engine.  In the past, several trucks of this type have become available, but most have needed more repair work than our budget would allow.  These engines typically need repairs totaling more than $10,000 to become useful.  Along with the cost of repairs, the only requirement for obtaining these types of vehicles is that they be painted within one year of possession, for identification purposes. They can not remain "Forest Service Green". 


Recently, we were awarded possession of a newer, 2004 Wildland, Type-3 fire truck, and this week members of the Long Valley Vol. Fire Dept. traveled to Sonora, CA to bring it home. This particular unit is in excellent condition, practically "turnkey", and has a brand new, International 7400 diesel motor. It seats 5 firefighters, holds 500 gallons of water, and is 4-wheel drive. This is a significant addition for our department's firefighting capabilities.


This fire truck will replace our aging 1994, Ford, Wildland Brush Engine that we currently possess. This old fire truck has served our community well and will be returned to Cal-Fire and the FEPP. This transition is scheduled to occur before the end of April. The new engine will soon be sent to the shop for a fresh coat of red paint.