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Steve Peters

Position: Fire Chief/EMR

I grew up in Southern California and joined the U.S. Navy at 17. During my tour in the Navy I was aboard a Surface supply ship home-ported out of Yokosuka, Japan. I spent three years aboard the USS White Plains, in the 7th Fleet. During this time I traveled to many countries.

After completing my active duty, I was an active member of the military Reserve with the U.S. Navy (Navigation), Army National Guard (Armor), and the U.S. Coast Guard (SAR)

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I worked for Sony Corporation in San Diego County before being hired by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. While at the Sheriff’s Office, I was assigned to Corrections, Patrol, Narcotics, Personnel, Boat Patrol, Dive Team, Community Oriented Policing, Reserve and Volunteer Coordinator, Training Manager and Communications Lieutenant. I also was a Law Enforcement Instructor. I retired in 2009.

In 2012, I came to Plumas County where I had spent time over the years. My Grandfather, Roy Stouky, lived here in Cromberg/Sloat his whole life. I loved spending time with him.

My wife Patricia is a member of the Long Valley Fire Department. I have two teenage daughters who share their time between here and Southern California.

In 2013, I joined the Long Valley Fire Department. I served as Chief of the FD for several years. Although I have reverted to the rank of Firefighter, I still handle the day-to-day operations and tasks needed to keep our Fire Department successful by meeting mandates and ensure adherence to all requirements.

Since being on the Fire Department I have been employed as the manager of the Golden Feather Ranch in Sloat.

I felt the need to join the Fire Department based on the needs of our community. After buying a home here, I soon realized without active Fire Department members, we would not have a viable Fire Department. The thought of the lack of an active Fire Department concerns me and should concern every person who lives within this District. Without a Fire Department, our lives as we know, will change drastically.

PLEASE CONSIDER volunteering for our Fire Department. Help us, help you.